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North Island Spring Nursery Industry Trade Day 2019

Scroll down below site plan to view exhibitor details . . .

Trade Days are exhibition and selling days for growers and/or sellers of plants, dry goods or horticultural services.

They are promoted widely throughout the nursery industry and are very well attended.

Trade Days bring you the latest and best of plants, products and services from the NZ nursery industry.


2019 Spring Trade Day was held: --

  • 8.30am to 3pm Wednesday 21 August 2019

Claudelands Event Centre, Brooklyn Rd, Hamilton.

Admission free to everyone in or associated with the nursery or garden industry. Not open to the general public.

Below is a plan of the day and below that are details of the exhibitors and what they showed.




AquaSan International Ltd Stand 20
PO Box 121, Tuakau, 2342
Ph 09 979 4493


Chlorine-free water treatment for horticulture.

Come and visit our stand as we offer a wide range of services in the Agrichemical Industry with a wealth of knowledge across the industry. We are sure to not disappoint you.



Ardmore Nurseries Ltd  Stand 76, 77
230 Clevedon-Takanini Road, RD 2, Papakura, 2582
Ph 09 292 8661


Come and experience a virtual tour of Ardmore Nurseries! 

You'll also be able to see a selection of our large range of shrubs, trees, grasses and some exciting plants which are new to us.

Come and see us, we'll be right next to the cafe seating area.

Our main lines are: griselinia, hebes, nikaus, cordylines, pittosporums, metrosideros,
totara, corokia, pseudopanax, phormiums, libertia, liriopes, thuja,
zephranthes, syzygiums, hydrangeas, buxus, michelia, rosemary, nandina.



Beaumont Nurseries Ltd  Stand 54, 62
84 Clevedon-Takanini Road, RD 2, Papakura, 2582
Ph 09 298 8926


Quality trees, shrubs and perannials

Bernie's Barrow  Stand 36
PO Box 30894, Lower Hutt, 5040
Ph 04 566 2361


Come and check out our Extra Large Wheelbarrow.

Biogrow (2013) Ltd  Stand 73   
PO Box 9232, Tauranga, 3142
Ph 07 543 9377   M: 021 632012


Come and see us at Trade Day for:
Biodegradable Fertilpots; Fertiss plugs; Bamboo Biochar fertiliser; DEBug insect dust;
DEGranules; Bamboo Vinegar Liquid; Natural organic fertiliser; Ecofelt grow bags;
Wool Biomats; Bamboo Fibre gloves.

We will also have our new NT Fertilpots at Trade Day. These have an improved design
in larger sizes, with a contoured pot lip for easier automated usage and de-stacking. 

In addition, the NT pots are more compressed as part of the manufacturing process
improving pot durability and structural integrity.



Bruntwood Nurseries  Stands 71, 79   
208 Narrows Road, RD 2, Hamilton, 3282   
Ph 07 843 4902


Lisa will be at the stand with our great range of Top Topiary for you to indent. 

We will also have our large open ground stock, great range of flaxes and some of our own varieties.

We have just released a new upright Loropetalum, 'Zar de doo'. 
Come and check it out.


Burnet’s Horticulture Ltd  Stand 19
PO Box 58510, Botany, Auckland, 2163   
Ph 09 274 6234


Specialist supplier of quality lawn seed, lawn care products and garden care products. 

Cave’s Plant Nursery  Stand 16
15 Wesley Avenue, New Plymouth, 4310   
Ph 0274 611 425


We grow a range of trees but specialise in Japanese maples. All our trees benefit from Taranaki's rich
volcanic soils with regular rainfall and long summer days.

All our trees have unique characteristics, highlighting the variation of different Japanese cucultivars we grow.
These trees are suited to garden centre sales & advanced grades for that instant effect a speciality of ours. 

We will have a great range of our chunky well branched field grown trees on display on our stand.

Leyton and Tristan Cave have 45 years combined nursery production experience, and cannot wait to meet
new and old faces at this Spring’s Trade Day.                 

Chainmakers (NZ) Ltd  Stand 26
PO Box 671, New Plymouth, 4340

Ph 06 758 8585


At Trade Day we will be exhibiting the Parasene Professional Weed Wand, the Parasene Revolving
Composter, the Parasene Lawn Aerator and the Parasene Lawn Scarifier.


Revolving Composter  Lawn Aerator  Lawn Scarifier  See Brochure



Coast Palms & Cycads Ltd  Stand 2
571 Te Puke Highway, RD 7, Te Puke, 3187

Ph 07 573 5770 


Coast Palms and Cycads specialise in landscape grade plants. With the trend toward
smaller, more intimate courtyard landscapes with a lush resort feel, Coast Palms and Cycads
will be bringing to Trade Day a selection of palm stock which has a 2-3 metre mature maximum height.

Chamaedorea costaricana, Chamaedorea seifrizii, Chamaedorea cataractarum, Dypsis baronii,
Dypsis onilahensis, Laccospadix australisica, Phoenix roebellinii, Ravenea glauca, Rhapis excelsa,
Trachycarpus wagnerianus.

Cycads available will be a selection of two grades of Cycad revoluta, two grades of Lepidozamia
peroffskyana and an 8l potted grade of Macrozamia moorei. Several varieties of bromeliad
will be offered. Alcantarea imperialis, Alcantarea vinicolor, Neo ‘Takemura Grande’ and Neo ‘Rosea lineata’

Clivia miniata Moon Glow, Clivia hybrids- Santa Barbara & Grandiflora, assorted colours of the
1 metre in height growing, ‘Cannova’ Canna lilies in a flowering grade will round out the colour display.

All stock within our display will be for sale at our trade prices, please bring your smart phone
to make an internet banking payment on the day, or cash. There will be no eft-pos facility available on our stand.

Note: We would appreciate that your purchased plants remain part of our display until 2.30pm
and at this time they will be available to uplift.



Daltons Ltd  Stands 51, 59
PO Box 397, Matamata, 3440
Ph 07 888 8150


There are plenty of new and exciting products to see on the Daltons stand.

Here is just a sampling of some of the great products that will help you in your business:

Plant Support Wire Racks
V-feet Racks are wire racks with inward slanting supports, designed for a simple and

effective way to prevent plants from falling over.
Click for more info

Plastic Nursery Bench Tops
Interlocking sides and easy screw tap fixing. Long-lasting non porous polypropylene.
Neat presentation. Cost effective.
Click for more info

Berry Pots with Feet
Growers Pots - Perfect for Berry Crops. Improved airflow and drainage. No soil contact with the roots. 
No chance of soil-borne diseases to roots.  Aerial root pruning.
Click for more info

Daltons T28 Propagation Trays
For growing native seedlings and forestry. Designed with strong root ribs to eliminate root
spiralling, achieving a compact fibrous root system.
Click for more info


   Plant Support          Plastic Bench Tops                             Berry Pot                 T28 Propagation Tray
   Wire Trays                                                                          with Feet



Egmont Commercial Ltd  Stands 4, 5, 6, 12, 13
PO Box 37326, Halswell, Christchurch, 8245
Ph 03 349 5546


Horticultural supplier to the nursery, viticultural & retail industries.

Evandale Plant Production Ltd  Stand 57
126 Boxall Street, RD 11, Invercargill, 9877
Ph 03 216 9815


Evandale Gardens are excited to be exhibiting again at the North Island Trade Day in Hamilton this year. Come and meet us to discuss what products we can offer. We look forward to meeting you! 

Vege & flower seedlings, perennials, roses, herbs, edibles, shrubs,
succulents, strawberries. Plugs, cuttings & seedlings.



Feelgood Imports Ltd  Stand 43
1735 Cambridge Road, RD 3, Hamilton, 3283
Ph 07 827 0502


Giftware, windchimes, spirals, mosaic bowls, lamps, floristry grasses, mixed ornaments.

Full Bloom Nursery Ltd  Stand 56
PO Box 13010, Hillcrest, Hamilton, 3251
Ph 07 856 4515


NZ native plants for revegetation, conservation & landscape contracting.   

FuturEcology  Stand 65
84 Ross Road, RD 1, Nelson, 7071
Ph 027 545 1625


Come and see our 'EmGuard' tree guards made from cardboard - they're new, and they're a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic.

Can be re-used if still okay after plants are established, or they can be recycled or just left to break down naturally. 

Click Here for Brochure      Click Here for report in Commercial Horticulture Magazine

For Trade Day we will have a special of 25 EmGuards with bamboo stakes for $45 so people can take away a sample size lot to try.

EmGuards have been used in sites from the Far North to Invercargill and have been through snow storms, wind events and floods and have stood up to the tests well.

FuturEcology are specialist consultants on land and water management issues with more than 40 years experience.

Our customers include Farmers, Land Owners, Business/Industry Managers, Conservation Managers, Local Authorities, Community Organisations.



Glenbogal Aquatic Limited  Stand 78
Unit 4, 15 Marshall Road, Katikati, 3129
Ph 07 549 2120


Water Bowls & Water features 

  • Pumps, Filters and Lighting
  • Solar Pumps
  • Eco Pond Water Treatments
  • Design Toscano NZ resin statues 

Water gardening is still our passion and we are the top supplier of Water Lilies,
Aquatic Plants and Lotus nationwide with 2019 being our 16th year in business.

Our comprehensive range of water gardening products allows us to provide a
one-stop-shop for your water gardening requirements.

A range of water gardening products will be available to view on our stand,
Paul & Kirsty are looking forward to see you at Stand 78.




Glenbrook Machinery Ltd  Stands 28, 29
PO Box 499,  Pukekohe, 2340
Ph 09 238 6955


Avant loaders with over 50 clip-on attachments, Ausa 4WD rough terrain forklifts & telehandlers.
Machines available for sale or hire (long term or short term).

GoodToGrow NZ Ltd  Stand 10
6 Fendalton Place, Hatfields Beach, Orewa, 0931   
Ph 027 347 0392


Come and see us for fertiliser, pots, greenwall products, nursery products, gloves, secateurs,
organic products, coir.

Goulter's Vinegar Company Ltd  Stand 44
122 Tahunanui Drive, Tahunanui, Nelson, 7011   
Ph 03 546 5174


It's new, it's unique in New Zealand. WeedX is a powerful combination of vinegar and citric acids, a new type of herbicide that kills weeds in hours, 
is completely safe, non-toxic and fully biodegradable. EPA approved.

Available in bulk quantities for use by nurseries (controls liverwort), landscapers, garden maintenance contractors, councils, and also in retail
dispensers for sale by garden centres.

Come and have a chat to Trish and Charlie on Trade Day about what WeedX can do for you, or to become a stockist.
Click Here for more details on WeedX.



Growing Spectrum Ltd  Stands 80, 81
PO Box 29,  Kihikihi, 3841
Ph 07 871 6162


Trees & ornamentals mainly in hard pots.

Growing Spectrum are proud to be at this years Trade Day held in Hamilton!

We’ll be displaying a large range of our ornamental shrubs and
new seasons deciduous trees.

Locally grown and supplied to retail garden centres throughout the North Island.

Come and visit us on stands 80 & 81 right opposite the café!



Headford Propagators Ltd  Stand 58
24 Horsnells Road, RD 10, Waimate, 7980
Ph 03 689 4813


Plant transportation to & from North & South Islands & within South Island.
Gols, trees, shrubs & grasses, natives & exotics.

Headford Propagators Ltd have a CAN-DO approach to your horticultural demands.

You can catch up with Grant Hayman to discuss all our products and services


  • your liner requirement or landscape planting project.
  • your engineering wish list.
  • your transportation requirements.

Also meet Ronda Chamberlain the Plant Sales rep with up to date plant availability info.



ICL Specialty Fertilisers  Stand 52
PO Box 125, Whitford, 2149   
Ph 0274 908 438


Your supplier of fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides.

Come and talk to Nicola about the world first new Controlled Release Calcium product we have finally got to market after around 10 years of R&D. 

IP Plastics Ltd  Stand 14
PO Box 72468, Papakura, 2244
Ph 09 295 0510


Plastic growing & ornamental pots, punnet & propagation trays, growing tubes.

Irrigation Express  Stand 34
PO Box 11002, Palm Beach, Papamoa, 3151
Ph 07 575 6362


Irrigation system designer. Online rrigation supplies.

Joy Plants Nursery  Stand 68
78 Jericho Road, RD 2, Pukekohe, 2677 

Ph 09 238 9129


Come to our stand at Trade Day and see our exciting range.

View our selection of liners and larger grades of natives and perennials and talk about what’s coming on this spring season.

Or maybe you are just wanting some ideas or advice about what would best suit your customers.
We will take pre orders for contracts that may be needed for 2020 -- give us your wish list
and we will see what we can do.


Leafland  Stands 67, 75
1 Roberts Line, Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North, 4414
Ph 06 355 3235


Our brand new 2019 Catalogue is at the printer but you can check it out online Here --  We think it's our best ever!

Leafland is a family-run wholesale tree nursery based in Palmerston North. We specialise in large
grade quality specimen trees which we send all over NZ. Our trees range from exotic, edible to native
species, and we sell around 450 different varieties, species & sub-species.

These are grown at our two sites in Palmerston North which cover approx. 33 acres.
Typical Leafland customers include councils, property developers, landscapers, tree surgeons, golf courses & schools.

 We have a selection of trees at Trade Day and our staff on site to meet and greet attendees.


LGS - Landscape and Grower Supplies  Stand 39
6 Westfield Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland, 1060   
Ph 09 573 3007


Come and talk to Nick, who will be on hand to give you a copy of our new Trade Catalogue and will also be discussing our new products released this year.
Please visit us at stand number 39 and say hello. 
We’ll help you out..!!

Frost protection, pest control, spray equip, twines, jute webbing, pea mesh, root barriers, silt fence, hessian clothes, lawn care products, worm cast,
grass seed, seed spreeders, telescopic wands, lift bags.

Lifestyle Brands International Ltd Stand 38, 45, 46
PO Box 62030, Sylvia Park, Auckland, 1644
Ph 09 276 0363


Quality pots, planters, giftlines.

Midland  Horticulture Stand 63
56 Ulyatt Road, Meeanee, Napier, 4112
Ph 06 280 5147


Camellias, trachelospermum, lomandra, laurus, liriope, libertia, buxus, fagus,
acer, quercus, teucrium, griselinea, corokia 
Magnolia, Vibirnum, nandina, pittosporum, phormium, michelia, Metrosideros.

Minginui Nursery Stand 37
PO Box 1712, Rotorua, 3040
Ph 07 366 3314


A wide range of native species for revegetation planting.

Netmaster Ltd Stand 9
PO Box 908. Whangaparaoa, 0943
Ph 09 428 0570


Shade cloth, windbreak fabric horticultura & crop protection nets, environmental control fabrics, bird & hail netting.

Norwood Industries Pty Ltd  Stand 24
13 Handley Avenue, Narrow Neck, Auckland, 0624
Ph 021 782 684


Plant labels, customised and stock. Etag and Ephoto (photo library),
banners, label holders & POS materials.

Omni Products Ltd  Stands 23, 31
2/77 Porana Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland, 0627
Ph 09 441 3413


Supplier of gloves, garden hand tools & accessories.
Wall art, wind sculptures, watering cans, Lil' Sprouts children's range, water features.

Orion Labelling Solutions Ltd  Stand 15
17 South End Avenue, Raumanga, Whangarei, 0110
09 437 2423


We are the largest New Zealand owned and operated suppliers of nursery and industrial tags
to the horticultural industry.

Come and talk to us about increasing your visibility in garden centres and retail outlets using our customised colour labels.

We design and customise labels that are unnique to each client

  • Our in-house graphic designer means there is no charge to you for label design – we will work with you
    to get the label you want.
  • All tags are photo-quality and are printed with vibrant UV-resistant inks and finished with a protecting UV overgloss.
  • Minimise your tag room inventory with our smaller run sizes.
  • Fast, friendly local response.

    See you at the show!

Pacific Biofert  Stand 21
PO Box 794, Pukekohe
Ph 09 233 6491


Biological fertilisers, liquid nutrients, contract packing.

Plantlife Propagators Ltd  Stand 25    
145A Winchester Street, Ashhurst    
Ph 06 326 8011 


Growing on lines, contract propagation & new plant introductions.

Primehort Distributors  Stands 41, 42, 49, 50
PO Box 28, Maungaturoto
Ph 09 431 1000


Come talk with our friendly team at trade day to see a wide range of our products and learn how we can work with you to grow smarter together!

Proven Winners® New Zealand  Stand 71
208 Narrows Road, RD 2, Hamilton    
Ph 07 843 4902


Redpath Pacific Ltd  Stand 30
PO Box 9058, Terrace End, Palmerston North
Ph 06 353 5955


Redpath have been designing, manufacturing and installing high quality Greenhouses for over 30 years. Supported by a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.
Our range includes Garden Centre Covers, Nursery Production and Propagation Greenhouses, Tunnel Greenhouses for the home gardener

Come and talk to us about your requirements.

Rupex Growtech Ltd Stand 40
760 Glenbrook Road, RD 4, Pukekohe
Ph 09 236 3770


Outdoor vegetable seeds and seedlings, greenhouse seedlings, Summer crops.

Scott Base Nurseries Ltd  Stand 55
9A Kowhai Road, Whenuapai, Auckland    
Ph 09 416 8969


Propagation of native and exotic plants.  

Sunshine Environmentals  Stands 7, 8
75 Pinfold Road, RD 1, Palmerston North, 4471
Ph 06 357 4043


Visit us for inspiring ideas and exclusive new releases available to order.
Learn about
Simplicity Roses – NZ’s spray-free landscape rose range.

Sunshine Environmentals is an established wholesale nursery business, centrally located
in Manawatu where we have been busy sending out quality nursery plants since 1975.

We have a wide and growing range from the special to the sought-after and have experienced
growers skilled in NZ Natives, ornamental shrubs and climbers, specimen trees etc.

We have loyal customers throughout the country including Garden Centres, Landscapers,
Councils and Developers and are known for supplying good grades of healthy plants including
Flowering Shrubs, Groundcovers, Hedging and Topiary.



Supreme Plastics Ltd  Stand 11

PO Box 29035, Epsom, Auckland, 1344
Ph 09 636 0949


If you’re looking at re-cladding or upgrading your greenhouses or glasshouses, or even just
needing to replace some panels, then a visit to the Supreme Plastics stand at Trade Day is a must.

Supreme are the people who supply specialised thermal sheeting for use on home 
and commercial hothouses, tunnel houses, even growing boxes.

Call in to update yourself on what is available should you need it in future.




While based in Auckland, Supreme operates throughout New Zealand, much of their
product going through two major greenhouse builders, one in the North and one in the
South Island, although they say ‘no job is too big or too small.’

They specialise in a variety of polycarbonate and fibreglass products including corrugated
and Greca profile polycarbonate sheeting in lengths up to 7.2m. These represent good value
for money and come in clear to maximise the amount of light and heat to diffused or opal
for plenty of light but a reduction of heat.

Where long lengths of up to 31m are required, then The Greenhouse Topglass GC
fibreglass is a strong and durable option.

For growers wanting to extend their growing season the Twinwall clear 6mm or 8mm
sheeting is the answer. The thin rectangular wall tunnel structure makes this an excellent
sheet for vertical and curved jobs and the multi-wall construction
traps air between the layers, which ensures outstanding thermal insulation.



Tawa-Glen Nursery Stand 70
100 Richmond Road, RD 3, New Plymouth, 4373     
Ph 027 269 8748 


We have Standard Iceberg Roses, rhododendrons, magnolias, and
some stunning weeping maples. Come in and check out our Topiary Maples.



Taylor Built  Stand 48
PO Box 466, Silverdale, 0944
Ph 09 426 0606


At Trade Day we will be promoting our greenhouses and shade structures for use in nurseries and
garden centres. Also landscaping fabrics and products.



Topiary People  Stand 66
PO Box 1047, Pukekohe, 2340   
Ph 09 239 0128


We will be showcasing our extensive Topiary Buxus Collection.



Transplant Systems Ltd  Stand 69
PO Box 104277, Lincoln North, Auckland, 0654   
Ph 09 837 4466


Nursery automation & machinery.
Teku pots from Poppelmann, seedling trays, Urbinati, Demtec, Mayer, Holmac, Sfoggia. 

Tui Downs Nursery  Stands 1, 3
15 McCaughan Road, RD 1, Kerikeri, 0294   
Ph 09 407 5020    Facebook: Tui Downs Nursery 


Retailers and landscapers, come and visit our stand to view a selection of our range.

We grow an extensive range of quality ornamentals, natives, subtropicals, palms, vireyas, climbers & edibles.

We have an extensive selection of Camellias, & Wisterias. We specialise in subtropicals, including some
hard to find varieties such as Heliconia, Medinella etc, and should be your first port of call for Hibiscus over summer.

We are adding our own improved picture labels to many items, including almost all our fruit range,
Hibiscus, Vireyas & Penny Pinchers.



Tui Products  Stand 27
PO Box 4404, Mt Maunganui South, Mt Maunganui, 3149
Ph 07 575 2160


Sheep pelletts, growing media, fertilisers, lawn & bird seed, garden accessories and products, seed potatoes.

Waimea Nurseries Ltd  Stand 22
79 Golden Hills Road, RD 1, Richmond, 7081
Ph 03 544 2700


Fruit trees (including feijoas), berry plants and topiary standards.

Warren Engineering Ltd  Stand 35
PO Box 38385, Howick, Auckland, 2145   
Ph 09 274 0476 


Warren Engineering Ltd (previously Easystow) has thirty years of excellence in materials handling equipment for the horticulture industry. 
Manufacturers of ‘Easystow’ trolleys, nursery and tree trailers, fixed and rolling benches with mesh tops or ebb and flood plans.

Wetta Industries  Stand 53
PO Box 33, Rangiora, 7440
Ph 03 313 7956


Wetta Industries' heritage of providing great products and service to the garden watering industry spans back 30 years.

Based in Rangiora, we’re passionate about designing and supplying the best irrigated solutions for home or commercial projects
from hoses to hose fittings, sprinklers and micro irrigation products.

Wetta is a division of Waters and Farr Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hynds Group.


Willow Avenue Ltd  Stand 32, 33 
7 Pinestead Reach, RD 3, Silverdale, 0993
Ph 09 421 0535


Importers of plastic garden pots, piping, pumps, metal grates, aquatic baskets, ponds, water features.

Trade Days are exhibition and selling days for growers and/or sellers of plants, dry goods or horticultural services. Promoted widely throughout the nursery industry and are very well attended.
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