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Trade Days  >  Christchurch 14 March 2024

Christchurch Nursery Industry Trade Day


Trade Day brings you the latest and best of plants, products and services from the NZ nursery industry.

 Exhibitors are nurseries, horticultural supply and service companies.

8.30 am to 3.00pm Thursday 14 March 2024

Lincoln Event Centre, 15 Meijer Drive, Lincoln. (20 mins from Christchurch).

Admission free to everyone in or associated with the nursery or garden industry. Not open to the general public.
  CLICK HERE to Register as a visitor (this puts you in the Trade Day draw for a set of
   noise-cancelling earphones valued at over $300) or you can check in on the Day (but won't be in the draw).


Call Reference Publishing 09 358 2749 for more info.


Advance Landscape Systems  Stands 40, 41
491 Waterloo Road, Islington, Christchurch    Ph 03 348 0799


Advance Landscape Systems is your large provider to nurseries around New Zealand, offering a comprehensive selection of plant protection products and landscape supplies from our Christchurch and Auckland branches.

Whether you're looking to become a stockist or simply order as needed, we have you covered with a diverse range. From our innovative FiberGuard and recyclable guard range to biodegradable matting options available in pre-cut squares and discs, we provide solutions to meet your nursery's needs.

Visit our stands 40 & 41 on the 14th March to view our extensive range of stakes, including garden Eslon stakes and hardwood stakes, and grab your copy of our latest wholesale catalogue.

Agri Automation (NZ) Ltd   Stand 52
Unit 3C, 40 Waters Avenue, Burleigh, Blenheim 7201   Ph 021 228 3029

Agri Automation will be displaying the Burro autonomous mobile robot from USA which has been developed to provide array of labour saving and support functionalities to industries such as nurseries. Burro can be utilised to tow trailers and carry loads of plants or materials both indoors and out. Burro is simple and easy to set-up and for team members to interact with. Burro has an array of situational awareness features to ensure the safety of the machine and those working around it.


When labour is at a premium, the Burro offers real operational efficiencies and benefits, allowing teams to focus on high-value tasks whilst Burro handles the boring, repetitive jobs.


The latest release from Burro is the new ‘Grande’ model which can carry up to 750kg on the full pallet size tray and can tow up to 2.25t.


Agri Automation is the exclusive New Zealand and Australian importer for Burro (together with other autonomous technologies) and has demonstration units available in both North and South Island locations.


Blueskin Nurseries Wholesale    Stands 6
PO Box 63, Waitati    Ph 03 482 2011


A selection of hardy exotic and native trees and shrubs ranging from 1.5L to 25L,


as well as a range of Astelias and flowering perennials.   

Beauty and The Wind    Stand 18
Wellington    Ph 027 842 8112

Beauty and the Wind are designers of unique garden that moves in the wind! Adored by gardeners and home decorators all over the world; your customers will delight in being able to purchase from our range in your garden centre or trade store. 

Our ever-expanding range is filled with creative and high-quality designs that are made to last outdoors:

  • Fast-selling stainless steel wind spinners,
  • One-of-a-kind spinning garden stakes,
  • And many other gorgeous designs that move in the wind!

Trade Day Specials:

  • Free shipping on all orders over $500,
  • $250 minimum spend on your first order,
  • Free electronic point-of-sale display stand!


Butler's Nursery   Stand 32
15 Kaituna-Tuamarina Road, RD 3, Blenheim 7273   Ph 027 696 5347

Come and look at our range of liners. See how we can help you for the coming year. 

Cave's Plant Nursery   Stand 33
15 Wesley Avenue, Frankleigh Park, New Plymouth 4310   Ph 0277 533 808

We grow a range of trees but specialise in Mapanese maples. Our trees are suited to garden centre sales & advanced grades for that instant effect.


Also we will be having trade day promotions on -


Acers, Magnolias, Fruit trees, Flowering Cherry trees

Tristan & Leyton Cave have 45+ years combined nursery production experience & look forward to meeting new & old faces at Trade Day.

Clark's Nursery    Stand 13
6 Bowenvale Avenue, Cashmere, Christchurch    Ph 03 332 9583

Paul Clark will have Indoor plants ranging from baby plants through to 8 litre specimen, and hanging baskets.

Daltons    Stands 19, 20
266 Hinuera Rd West, Matamata, 0800 808150, 180 Maces Rd, Christchurch, Ph 03 389-0831,


Daltons will have on Display a Dutch Built Javo Basic Potting machine- A very versatile and easy to operate potting machine.


Very well engineered to withstand the abrasiveness of kiwi Potting mixes.


Daltons will also have the latest developments from garden City Plastics in plastics pots and trays-


Including our new TR28 multi use New Zealand Native Tray-made of recycled PP5 plastic-


Come along and say hello to Scott, Garry, and Heidi.


 Ecobasic Potting Machine             T28 Tray

Egmont Commercial    Stands 1, 7
PO Box 37326, Halswell, Christchurch    Ph 03 349 5546

Visit the Egmont stand to meet our experienced team and immerse yourself in the latest trends in the global horticulture sector. Explore our innovative Teku pot, boasting a patented rim design for seamless integration with automation processes, as well as a bottom design so cleverly manufactured it gives maximum efficiency regardless of where you stand the pot. Additionally, discover the cutting-edge Jiffy propaplug propagation system, meticulously designed to enhance production efficiency with impressive strike rates. Our showcase extends beyond these highlights, featuring a diverse array of products that are sure to captivate your interest.


Join us as we present our extensive retail product range, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Come and see our new highly versatile Mist Spray Bottle, and if you haven't seen our fantastic Frost Cover Bag, a visit to the Egmont stand is a must.


We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to reconnect with you. Please consider visiting our stand to engage with our team. Your presence is of great value to us, and we look forward to the chance to say hello and discuss how Egmont can contribute to your ongoing success.

FuturEcology     Stand 45
184 Ross Rd, Hira, Nelson       Ph 027 545 1625

Come and see our 'EmGuard' tree guards made from cardboard - they're new, and they're a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic.

Can be re-used if still okay after plants are established, or they can be recycled or just left to break down naturally. 

EmGuards have been used in sites from the Far North to Invercargill and have been through snow storms, wind events and floods and have stood up to the tests well.

FuturEcology are specialist consultants on land and water management issues with more than 40 years experience.

Our customers include Farmers, Land Owners, Business/Industry Managers, Conservation Managers, Local Authorities, Community Organisations.




Garto  Stand 34
Southland    Ph 027 388 4530

The Garto tree incubator keeps young native plants alive.


The 3D exclusion zone Garto creates protects saplings from competing plants and pests while also improving your planting efficiency, with Garto being faster to set than other protectors and no initial or on-going spraying required. The sturdy nature of Garto ensures it will stay in place during the first few seasons of a plant’s life, meaning you can be sure your natives will thrive without constant attention.


Glenbrook Machinery Ltd    Stand  47 & Outside

PO Box 499, Pukekohe    Ph 09 238 6955


Avant loaders with 50 clip-on attachments, Ausa rough terrain forklifts, Schaeffer loaders. We will have some of our machines on display at Trade Day so come and talk to Phil about your requirements.

Headford Propagators Ltd    Stands 11, 12
24 Horsnells Road, RD 10, Waimate    Ph 03 689 4813


For a CAN-DO approach to all your horticultural demands.

Come and meet the team at the Headford Propagators Ltd stand to discuss...

  • your landscape planting project or growing-on plant supply requirement.
  • your customised engineering wish list.
  • your transportation requirements. 

 On display at Trade Day will be products and services you need...

  • a selection of plants for all uses. Take home today.
  • horticultural trailers and mobile work tables
  • clarity of transport options and scheduling.

Rhonda with some of our
wide plant range                        Mobile Work Tables - on Special at TD        Check out the Headford Mule Frames



HEMWOO – Biodegradable Growing Systems Stand 17
479 Ashley Gorge Road, RD 1 Oxford, 7495   Ph 021 791 556

HEMWOO – Mission is to transform the world of horticulture by creating an environment where plants flourish in harmony with nature, liberated from the scourge of plastic pollution.


Sarah Johnston, owner of The Gorge Nursery, and Jean-Michel Libeau, a global entrepreneur known for LincSpun yarn spinning technology and advanced performance textiles, collaborated to create Habbag Systems Biodegradable Growing Systems. Sarah, with expertise in amenity horticulture and 18 years of nursery production experience, manages a boutique tree nursery in Canterbury, New Zealand, cultivating approximately 7000 native and exotic trees for the landscape industry using traditional plastic-based planters. However, the environmental impact of plastic waste in tree cultivation deeply troubled her. This concern motivated Sarah and Jean-Michel to innovate an eco-friendly solution, giving rise to HABBAG Hemwoo bags/pots. Their mission is to promote environmentally friendly practices for the benefit of the planet and future generations.


“We must all look at developing environmentally friendlier systems in our businesses, for the greater good of the welfare of our planet and the future generations that will inhabit it”. 


Come and see where we are up to with our planter bags and our hemp pot, which will be fresh out of R & D.


This is where we see the future of the nursery industry heading with major benefits overflowing into the landscaping industry.

ICL Specialty Fertilisers    Stand 21
PO Box 125, Whitford    Ph 0274 908 438

Sick of topdressing?  Find out about the latest 5th generation controlled release - Osmocote 5. 

Intelligro Landscape Centre    Stand 27
261 Manion Road, RD 7, Christchurch    Ph 03 347 9415


Leading manufacturer and supplier of quality landscape supplies and nursey growing media.


Intelligro is an innovative company that is committed to supplying quality products and helping you get the best out of your business.


Some areas we specialise in are:


  • Bulk Compost, Soil, Growing Mixes, Bark Mulch, Playground Soft Fall
  • Tailor-made technical mixes such as Soil Conditioner, Rain Garden Mix, Tree Pit Mix, Swale Mix, Erosion Control or Mulch
  • Bulk commercial potting mix supply for commercial growers, as well as supplementary commercial fertilisers


For all things softscape, Intelligro has you covered. Our sales team look forward to discussing your landscape project or nursery requirements on Trade Day.


IPPS    Stand 10
Contact Shirley Ogilvy   Ph 027 490 6010 


Visit us on the IPPS stand and see what we are all about.  We run conferences and field trips and have a quarterly newsletter letting members know what is happening.  There are opportunities to apply to come to our conference free and there are also four scholarships to be applied for. Learn more at the Christchurch Trade Day.

Kiwiflora    Stands 2 & 3
851 Waterholes Road, RD 8, Christchurch  Ph 03 349 4582

Visit us on Trade Day. We propagate and grow a comprehensive range of trees and shrubs for the home garden and large scale landscape projects. 



Kotare Liners/Irrigation Doctor   Stand 39
148 Hewetson Road, RD 2, Upper Moutere 7175    Ph 021 244 8154

Kotare Liners is a specialist propagation nursery based in Tasman.

We grow a wide range of exotics and natives including: Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Camellias, Leptospermum, Pittosporum, Viburnum…

Kotare Liners has been operating for 5 years but we were previously Plants Unlimited in Richmond and Grant ran James Nursery in Tasman back in the 1980s.

Alyson and Grant grew up in nurseries in Taranaki and Blenheim, so have many years experience propagating plants.

We will have some samples on the stand for you to look at of our quality plants and you are welcome to pick up our “Plants available in March 2024 list”.

Irrigation Doctor . Grant also runs an irrigation business alongside the nursery and he will have a range of Rainbird Nursery Irrigation Controllers to show people how they can make an efficient use of their water supply to get the maximum plant growth in their nursery.

As we use these controllers in our nursery, Grant is the person to talk to about what works best as he understands your specific needs.

Show Promo: 5% discount off all plants from March Trade List ordered at Trade Day.

Leafland    Stands 42, 48

1 Roberts Line, Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North 4414   Ph 06 355 3235

We are a family run wholesale tree nursery specialising in exotic, edible and native trees. We sell over 700 species, varieties and cultivars. We have a selection of trees on display at Trade Day and some of our staff on site to meet and greet attendees.

LGS-Landscape and Grower Supplies    Stand 43
PO Box 56551, Dominion Road, Auckland 1446 Ph 021 277 5805

Large range of horticultural supply lines.

Matai Nurseries (2019) Ltd    Stand 44
7 Horgans Road, RD 9, Waimate 7979  Ph 03 689 8928


“Matai Nurseries is exclusively a Native Plant Propagating Nursery.  We collect the seed, germinate, propagate and grow nearly all of our plants, and can deliver them to your door.  We have a very hands on approach to production and dispatch.  We pride ourselves on our range of species, which is large, our varieties, which are many, our Quality plants and our Excellent Customer Service (we offer a procurement service as well). 

While primarily being a Wholesale Nursery we are happy to supply to a wide range of customers – Home Gardeners, Lifestyle developers, Farmers, Planting Projects, Garden Centres, Landscapers & other Nurseries.”


We will be displaying some of our specialist lines, Astelia Red Devil, Pachystegia insignis, Carmichaelia stevensonii, plus other large & small grade plants.  And sharing our experience so far.



  • Existing Customers - 20% Discount off their next Matai Freight Service
  • New Customers - 10% bonus plants on their first order, PLUS additionally, a 50% discount on Matai Freight Service for orders that are over $1500 + gst (or for those New Customers out of our freight service area a 25% discount on freight)
  • Visitors to our exhibit can go into a prize draw for a Matai Gift Voucher to the value of $250.00 incl. 

TRADE DAY SPECIALS (while stocks last):


v  10 x Phormium cookianum 2.5l grade for only $50.00 + gst

v  10 x Pseudopanax colensoi or arboreus 2.5l grade for only $65.00 + gst

v  40 x Dodonea viscosa or viscosa purpurea 7cm grade for only $60.00 + gst

v  40 x Fuscaspora fusca 7cm grade for only $80.00 + gst


McHort    Stand 9
155 St Georges Road, RD 2, Hastings 4172   Ph 021 782 250

We specialise in container crop nutrition, chemical-free pest and disease management.

Nurseryman    Stands 29, 30
311A Mill Road South, RD 1, Invercargill    Ph 021 852 497

We supply large numbers of native and exotic shrubs, grasses, flaxes, trees to customers all over NZ. Our core range is in 2.5L pots, plus we have an ever-increasing range of root trainer grade for the reveg and riparian markets.


Our freight free over $1000 policy means you don't have to worry about that extra cost.

Orari Nursery    Stands 35, 36
86 Opuha Street, RD 22,Geraldine    Ph 03 693 7095

Orari Nursery will be showcasing a selection of their 7cm Growing on Grade as well as a selection of their 500ml grade.


Call in and have a look. Pick up our extensive Trade List.

Every visitor to our display will get one of our 'Orginal Weeders'. New Zealands favorite gardening tool.


We look forward to supplying your needs with awesome plants at competitive prices.



Plant Propagation Systems    Stand 51

47B Taurikura Drive, Taurkio, Tauranga 3110  Ph 027 378 5481

The reliable and flexible Ellepot paper pot can be customized to suit exact needs for pot volume and depth tray options.

Primehort Distributors   Stands 4 & 5

State Highway, Kaiwaka     Ph 09 431 1000


PrimeHort is delighted to exhibit at The Nursery Trade Day in Christchurch. This year, we introduce a couple of new faces to the team and re-launch a bestseller…


-  Andrew Wearmouth joins after a long tenure in the horticulture industry. He is spearheading Growing Media trends for our customers, including the benefits of growing in Coir, plus best-in-class fertiliser, Polyon. Be sure to stop by and say hello!


-  Harrison Wearmouth joins Lachlan Bill in supporting the success of our Retail customers and will be on the stand to share a range of Eco-friendly Pots and Decorative Pots. Get ready to chat about super-hot Spring indents too – don’t miss this one!


-  Guess what?! Industry favourite, 28 Cell Tray has just got more epic! The latest edition is crafted from injection molded No. 5 plastic - a game-changer for growing natives, sustainably and a service life of up to 9 years. Come & check it out.


See you there!   


     Eco Fibre Pot                    28 Cell Tray

Redpath Pacific Ltd   Stands 22, 23
16 Bounty Place, Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North 4414    Ph 0508 733 728


Latest Greenhouse design developments. We will have samples of the structures on display.
Same day quote system for greenhouse-give us the details for quoting and the prices will be to you within 24 hours.
We will have samples of the latest long-life Commercial Greenhouse films.
Vortex air stirrer fans, to help stratification of air within greenhouses.


RhodoDirect   Stand 8

3/377 Halkett Road, RD 1, Christchurch 7671    Ph 021 746 368

Specialist Rhododendron growers.

Southern Woods Nursery    Stand 24
1002 Robinsons Rd, Templeton, Christchurch   Ph 03 347-9221


Southern Woods has been supplying a wide range of plants for projects large and small for over a generation.


Based in Ōtautahi Christchurch, we supply healthy, hardy plants to retail and wholesale customers across the country. Our range includes New Zealand natives, specimen trees, landscape shrubs, specialist forestry species, fruit trees and plenty more. 


We grow plants from revegetation grade up to 45L on our 11ha site, with full propagation & eco-sourcing facilities in place. Talk to our team about plant sourcing, contract growing and complete supply for your next project.

Terra Lana Products   Stand 28
55 Francella Street, Bromley, Christchurch 8062   Ph 022 618 9015

Sheep wool products for plant establishment.

The Gorge Nursery Ltd    Stands 16
479 Ashley Gorge Road, RD 1, Oxford   Ph 03 312 4176

What Makes Us Different? Canterbury is a very tough province to establish trees in. Dry conditions & wind creates a huge
challenge for young trees.

At The Gorge Nursery our aim is to produce trees that will survive these harsh conditions.

Our philosophy - to use proven best nursery practice to produce high quality trees at a reasonable price, hardy to Canterbury conditions.

The way we grow trees: sourcing GOL's root pruning, bagging up, quality mix, form pruning and tree selection.

Waimea Nurseries   Stands  14 & 15
79 Golden Hills Road, RD 1, Richmond  Ph 03 544 2700 


Fruit, nut, ornamental trees, dwarf fruit trees, dwarf citrus trees.

Wai-Ora Eco-Source Nursery  Stands 49, 50
48 Watsons Road, Harewood, Christchurch 8051   Ph 027 253 6051


Wai-Ora are quality growers of eco-sourced plants from local regions. We specialise in revegetation projects (restorative bush) and growing endangered plant species. Our team including our resident botanist are experts in contract growing to order.


We welcome new business. Enquire about placing an order with us.


MARCH SPECIALS (while stocks last):


Griselinea littoralis RX90 $3.15+GST, 5000 units $2.95+

Pseudopanax arboreus RX90 $3.10 +GST, 1000 units $2.95+

Kunzea ericoides RX90 $1.90+ GST, 5000 units $1.75+

Leptospermum Scolarium RX90 $1.90+ GST, 5000 units $1.75+

Ozothamnus leptophyllus RX90 $2.50+ GST, 1000 units $2.20+

Carex virgata RX90 $1.75 +GST, 1000 units $1.50+


Warren Engineering    Stands 37 & 38
3E Smales Rd, East Tamaki, Auckland    Ph 09 274 0476


Warren Engineering is the proud NZ owned and made supplier of the following:

Nursery/Landscaping Trailers – Used individually or in a train.

  • Static braked wheels
  • Exact following tractor
  • Adjustable multi-shelves in Hi-Rail or Lo-Rail
  • 3 different wheel types
  • New Stainless Steel Potting Shelf

Trolley – Long and narrow for unloading your greenhouse or for display.

  • Bi-directional
  • Able to fit 3 breadbaskets

Pipe Supports – For hydroponic heating systems.

Benches – Rolling, Fixed, or Potting.

  • Mesh
  • Ebb and flood
  • Heated tops

NFT Legs

Wetta Industries    Stand 25
PO Box 33, Rangiora     Ph 03 313-7956

Aquaterra, New Zealand's newest trade irrigation store. Based in Christchurch and serving all of New Zealand, our team brings unparalleled expertise to every project with over 40 years experience in the industry.


Take advantage of our free irrigation design and quoting services, offering tailored solutions for residential, commercial, and nursery needs.


Benefit from our great product range featuring top brands like Rain Bird, Hunter, Apex, Anka, and Wetta.


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